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Grooming Your Dog

Exactly How Impotant Is It?
Every breed needs some form of grooming. 
Bathing, brushing, teeth cleaning and nail trimming are all essential parts of your dogs life.  When you rescue or buy a dog you make a commitment to that dog to look after it to the best of your ability.   Feeding, walking, training, loving and grooming are all things we need to do for our new friend to ensure comfort, happiness and quality of life.

Short haired breeds need less care, a bath four times year with a good quality "Dog" shampoo & conditioner is usually enough, along with a good brushing once or twice weekly, for more wirey coats a shedding tool or pumice block works best, it will not only maintain your dogs skin and coat, but it will mean less hoovering your carpets during shedding seasons.

Long haired breeds will need daily brushing "YES" daily,  just a few minutes a day can prevent matting and stop your long haired dog becoming a short haired dog.....

When a dog's hair becomes matted it unfortunately is almost always to late to do anything other than clip off the matted hair to allow new hair to re-grow, an upsetting, unnecessary experience for the dog and it should be an embarrassing, shamefull experience for the owner. 

 Matted hair happens because....

"You" are not grooming your dog enough
"You" are not doing it properly
"You" are using the wrong brush

That's it.....  they are the only reasons and believe me after 27 years of professional grooming Ive heard every excuse in the book, none of them worthy...   
For some reason owners often blame groomers for dematting a dog so please remember, groomers take "NO" pleasure in scalping your dog and do it only as a last resort and only to make your dog feel more comfortable!

Just ask, we dont bite! Any good groomer will offer advise for free, how best to groom your dog and what products and tools you should use to make the job easier.  Its not only in your dogs best interests to have nice hair, when your dog leaves our salons he/she becomes an advert..... Good hair makes a good haircut, which means a happy dog, a happy owner and a happy groomer! 

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